Microbe Zoo
The Microbe Zoo is an educational resource about ecology and microbiology. A virtual tour through the world of microbiology.
Newton's Apple Lesson Resources
An excellent set of lesson resources. Fully indexed. Lots of stuff.
General resource - interesting content.
Nebraska Earth Science Education
Site has announcements and info. on CD-ROM's, videos, etc. See Resource section for lesson plans.
Yes I Can! Science
Set up of information caters to the new curriculum subject strands.
Access Excellence
This is a well-organized site which contains classroom activities with great teacher info. Must see!
*Science Quest
This site contains a growing collection of biology experiments (*Main Page).
Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement
A comprehensive site for biology, chemistry, and physics lesson plans and ideas.
Science Teachers' Resources
Teaching tips, demos, and lab investigations mainly in chemistry and life science.
General resource on a wide variety of topics
Jumpstation for a variety of biology sites.
Viral and bacterial outbreak timeline (*Main Page).
Bugs in the News
This site contains information about a variety of 'bugs' in the news as well as links to other Microbiology sites.
Technology in the Classroom
An assessment of useful biology links.
Excellent articles...accompanied by scientific evidence.
The World of Biology
A very comprehensive site containing notes and study guides for most high school biology topics.
This site has great X-Rays and diagnoses etc
BioCrypt provides on-line games, quizzes, puzzles, and
such with science themes (mostly biology) related to the
secondary school science curriculum in Ontario. The quizzes are easily copied and pasted.
The Interactive Frog Dissection
The Interactive frog Dissection was designed for use in high school biology classrooms.
Human Body Adventure
Human body adventure is a virtual dissection of the human body.
Life Sciences Safari
Interactive lesson on cell structure and the classification of living things.
World Health Organization
The World Health Organization Website is home to information about various diseases, and health problems. Under the heading, "Health Topics A to Z," there is a list of any disease, bacteria, virus or health problem one can think of. There's also information on the history of the WHO, prevention programs and statistics of people infected with various diseases.
Climate Change
This website is a good staring point for global warming, greenhouse effect and climate pollution. It's written at a high school student's level. It contains information on climate change, how it affects us and what we can do about it. There are also some resources for teachers to use when teaching this lesson to their classes.